We all know UV rays can be harmful to your skin.
But what about your eyes? UV rays can seriously damage your vision.
Take UV protection to a new level by coating your clear lenses with Crizal.


Crizal coatings give your eyes the best available protection, on a clear lens, against harmful UV rays.

UV rays are a major hazard for your eyes and the skin around your eyes:

  • Accelerated skin aging (wrinkles);
  • Eye diseases (cataracts);
  • Risks of cancer (90% of skin cancers occur on the face and neck, of which 5 to 10% on the eyelids).

Existing eyeglass lenses may not offer optimal protection against UV rays:

  • Most eyeglass lenses protect from up to 100% of front UV exposure;
  • But up to 50% of UV rays are reflected in the eye from the back side of the lens).

UV rays are everywhere, 365 days a year:

  • 40% of UV exposure occurs when not in full sunlight (all year long, even in cloudy conditions and at home);
  • Over 90% of UV rays may pass through clouds.


Crizal acts like a shield, protecting against scratches, glare, smudges,
dust and water for enduring clarity of vision

Resists scratches

Makes your lenses more resistant to scratches and shocks for long-lasting visual performance.

Reduces glare

For clearer vision and to let people see the real you, not just that annoying glare from your lenses!

Resists smudges

Provides superior resistance to oils, water spots and finger smudges for better cleanability.

Repels dust

Keeps dust off your lenses for optimal vision.

Repels water drops

Water drops fall off the lenses without leaving a trace.


UV is as harmful to your eyes as to your skin.
But with the right protection on your lenses, you can stay protected.

Look out for the Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPFTM) on your lenses and sunglasses.

All Crizal coatings offer a UV protection on clear lenses:


Protect your eyes against blue-violet light

Digital devices, LED lights and the sun all emit harmful blue-violet light that causes severe eyestrain and eye diseases. Get the protection you need today and enjoy a healthier tomorrow.

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The best UV protection under the sun!

Take outdoor protection to the next level with Crizal SUN UV coatings, the best UV protection in the Crizal family. Get Crizal Sun UV and let the sun shine in!

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* Best UV protection measured with E-SPFTM for Crizal Forte UV and Crizal UV with Optifog, compared to clear lenses without reflection and photochromic lenses with equivalent materials. Excludes direct eye exposure that depends on external factors (wearer's morphology, frame shape, position of wear, etc.).

** E-SPF developed by Essilor, endorsed by Karl Citek, OD, PhD, FAAO, Professor of Optometry, first researcher to have published on the hazard linked to UV back side reflection. E-SPFTM 25 for all Crizal UV lenses except Orma clear (E-SPFTM 10) and polarized Crizal Sun UV (E-SPFTM 50+).