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Strengthen your eyes with ocular gymnastics!

Apr 26 2017 | Essilor

We have all experienced ocular fatigue. Red, irritated, dry, stinging eyes can sometimes be accompanied by a headache. They often occur after working for hours in front...

Need to get away? Discover the travelogue from Nomades²

Apr 26 2017 | Janik Lemieux - Pierre Bouchard

After biking the perimeter of the Pacific Ocean on the hunt for active volcanoes and making numerous loops and continental crossings, we mounted our heavily laden bicycles...

The ultimate solution for cleaning your lenses

Mar 13 2017 | Essilor

Those who wear glasses are all to familiar with the situation - no matter how hard you try, your lenses at one point or another are going...

A clearer vision for winter

Dec 14 2016 | Marta Tryshak

Hello Darlings, With Christmas just days away and the first snow fall, winter has arrived. While for some the sight of first snow is a much dreaded sight, I personally love...

Lenses adapted to your lifestyle!

Nov 02 2016 | Essilor

Alexandre is 22-years-old and is studying for his Bachelor's Degree at Université de Montréal. He is constantly in front of...

My child's first eye exam

Nov 02 2016 | Essilor

Ève, a young 24-year-old mother, took her son Éli for his first eye exam at the Granger & Bernier Optométristes...

Fall Begins with Good Vision!

Sep 06 2016 | Essilor

How time flies!  Yesterday was all about lazy days, the pool, drinking cocktails and barbecuing ... Today, you're going back...

Protect your eyes, protect your lenses!

Jun 20 2016 | Essilor

Protect your eyes, protect your lenses! Discovering, observing, moving, learning and admiring ... these daily activities can only be enjoyed...

Two pairs are the charm

Jun 20 2016 | Essilor

Do you wear the same pair of shoes all year long? For most of us, the answer is obvious.  Our...

The perfect frame for every face

Apr 20 2016 | Essilor

Frames are an extension of the fashion world - every season brings an exciting new collection.  And while you might...

Six shades of mirror lenses to enjoy summer

Apr 20 2016 | Essilor

The hot weather is almost here.  Cocktails, BBQ's and trips to the beach are just around the corner.  And when...

Does your child need glasses? Watch out for these 10 signs!

Apr 20 2016 | Essilor

Blue light from digital devices: you can protect your eyes

Jan 21 2016 | Essilor