A clearer vision for winter

Dec 14 2016 | Marta Tryshak

Hello Darlings,

With Christmas just days away and the first snow fall, winter has arrived. While for some the sight of first snow is a much dreaded sight, I personally love it. Canadian winters may dwell awhile but with all the winter sports and fun why not learn to enjoy it and perhaps even love it. Growing up, skiing has always been a big part of my life and it continues to be as is ice skating. Hey, I even enjoy ice fishing!

Winter is all about being prepared, from proper clothing to sunscreen and eyewear with mirror lenses for outdoor sports. Speaking of winter and holidays, a pair of new sunnies is an awesome gift too!If you’re looking for a pair how about one with mirror lenses for those who love to stay active outdoors, or optifog lenses for those that need a clear transition for all aspects of life. Stay bundled up and enjoy the winter fun!

With Love... Marta

*in collaboration with Marta Tryshak from WithLoveGabrielle.com. The views and opinions expressed are Marta’s.

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