Cycling nomads: healthy eyes and bodies!

Mar 13 2018 | Essilor

The life of a cycling nomad can be risky without adequate preparation. That's why good health and a healthy diet are crucial.

When we are “at home" in our Charlevoix base camp between trips, we take the opportunity to assimilate what we have experienced and marveled at on our most recent road trip. We put all the information we’ve collected in order so that we can better share it with you in articles and speeches. Since our trips usually last 18 to 24 months, they begin like training camps. Before leaving, we make sure that our bikes are properly adjusted to avoid injury. We must also pace ourselves in the first few weeks by incorporating rest days. As the years go by, we are more and more grateful for these recovery periods. They have a positive effect on our well-being and help us carry on. Then, from day to day, we gradually increase the distances and the effort until we have again transformed ourselves into long-distance cyclists.

On the nutrition side, we need to maintain our healthy eating habits between expeditions, as is the case right now. The primary purpose of our stop in Charlevoix is to present the multimedia documentary of the first phase of our NOMADS2 Cycling Odyssey. It summarizes our journey from Norway to Tanzania (see, while highlighting the importance of staying active and eating well. We manage to meet our enormous caloric needs on the road thanks to the new recipes that Janick creates and tests while we are at base camp. While she indulges in her passion for nutrition, I have the pleasure of being her official taster. Using the incredible diversity of foods found in our supermarkets, Janick is adding more organic recipes to achieve a healthy intake of calories and vitamins while strengthening our immune systems. That is why I sometimes become a vegan, a raw foodie, a locavore, or semi-paleo. Despite my adventurous spirit – and stomach – I still refuse to add ghee (clarified butter) from grass-fed cows to my morning coffee!

Before and after each journey, we visit our dentist and optometrist for a checkup ... and to avoid toothaches abroad! We are monitoring the progression of Janick's hereditary astigmatism and myopia, and my presbyopia in my “young” fifties. We are aware that our cycling nomadism is hazardous for our eyes. Since we are almost always outdoors, we never go out without our sunglasses. They act as our windshield, wheel cover filter and shield against the sun's rays. In addition to correcting our vision – essential for reading dashboards, maps and GPS! – our Crizal® Sun UV™ eyewear protects us from the harmful rays of the sun, from the particles in the air that can scratch our corneas, and from the air itself, which dries out our corneas due to our travel speed, which can often hit 70 km per hour. Our sunglasses are a balm for the eyes by significantly reducing bothersome reflections and the fog that can occur when our body temperature rises. Sheltered behind our sunglasses, we have the clear impression that our eyes can relax and focus on what matters most: the road and the wonderous scenery!

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