Hot trends for a cool fall season!

Sep 12 2017 | Essilor

This autumn, it's all about COLOUR! And it’s popping up everywhere. People are wearing it from head to toe, mixing and matching with creative contrasts and beguiling blends that even carry over into their choice of tech accessories. So why not add a healthy splash of colour to your family routine this back-to-school season?

Fashion trends

Take it from the experts: fashion doesn’t have to be serious. Keep it fresh and fun and it can put a spring in your step every day. Fall may be just around the corner, but you can stretch out the sunshine by wearing bright colours! Be as bold as you like with blocks of vibrant colours or take a subtler approach by incorporating splashes of more classic hues into your wardrobe. And don’t forget your eyeglass frames. “Geek chic” is here to stay, just add some colour! Tinted shades are another option. See the complete line of available colours at This year we have a multitude of styles in stock, from stripes to flowers. Break the mould and mix and match patterns for a daring new look! The key is interspersing patterns with neutral components. For example, a striped sweater and a cute black blazer with flowery sleaves. The pleat has been reinvented and is making a comeback in blouses and skirts. This type of texture gives movement to your silhouette to create a dynamic and light look. It’s a perfect antidote for the grey fall days soon coming.

Tech trends

tech trendsFall also brings its share of product launches. And tech lovers are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new iPhone 8. And since it’s the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, people are expecting something big from Apple this year. But, as mere mortals (like anyone else who doesn’t work for Apple), we’re not privy to the tech titan’s secrets and know nothing about the upcoming smartphone or the kinds of new technology it will support. In the meantime, you can get your hands on the “it” tech accessory of the hour—the Loop! It’s a made-in-Canada product sure to be a hit with anyone with a smartphone. It blends stylish good looks and the peace of mind of knowing your phone is always securely in your grasp. The loops are designed to last and are compatible with all phone cases. Pick the colour and pattern you like for an accessory that truly reflects your personality. Back-to-school is also a good time for an eye exam. Fall means more time indoors, and the eye strain that comes with more screen time can affect every member of the family. Be sure your lenses are correctly adjusted to your vision. Take advantage of your visit to the eye doctor to learn more about the Eye Protect SystemTM. Specially designed for today’s ultra-connected environment, this visual solution reduces the visual fatigue caused by blue light and provides UV protection of at least E-SPF 25.

Happy shopping!

Routine trend

routine trendSummer vacation is coming to an end and classes will soon be back in session. Establishing a routine is key for any family hoping for a smooth transition back to the school year. To take the anxiety out of this hectic season—for kids and parents alike—it’s a good idea to establish a routine four days before classes resume. A routine provides structure and gives your children a clear and accurate schedule that tells them what they have to do and in what order. Little ones need stability and love having guidance. A routine helps boost children’s performance at school and makes it easier for them to follow the rules in the classroom. Find a routine that fits your specific lifestyle and needs. The key parts of the routine include waking up and getting ready for school/work, coming home from school, doing homework, having dinner, and then going to bed.

Remember that being well organized means having more free time—and more fun!


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