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Nov 02 2016 | Essilor

Alexandre is 22-years-old and is studying for his Bachelor's Degree at Université de Montréal. He is constantly in front of a computer or smart phone screen, and he uses his eyes constantly.  In addition, being both myopic and astigmatic, he knows how important it is to monitor his vision on a yearly basis.

A connected life
From the minute he wakes up, Alexandre's eyes are glued to his phone: emails, social media and newspapers are just a few of the items that get his attention! When he reaches for his glasses, Alexandre is ready for his day - which means more time in front of a computer and a smart phone screen!

"I spend six to eight hours in front of my laptop and / or my phone.  I also watch an hour or two of television every day," explains Alexandre.

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The friendliest of welcomes
Alexandre booked his eye exam at the Granger & Bernier Optométristes clinic located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.  He is greeted by Dr Chantal Reid, optometrist.

"It felt so welcoming! The staff was so friendly and professional.  The optometrist really took her time to explain my tests and my results.  The whole team really helped me find the exact pair of glasses that I was looking for," he explains.

Choices based on function and lifestyle!
During his eye exam, Dr Reid, optometrist asked Alexandre several questions in order to learn more about his day-to-day life. It is very important to take into account certain factors when choosing frames and lenses that are tailored to Alexandre's lifestyle.

"The client's facial features, his tastes, his prescription, his needs and his lifestyle are all important factors!" explains Dr Reid, optometrist.

To avoid tired eyes, Alexandre selected Eyezen+ lenses with a Crizal treatment. It's the perfect choice to protect against the blue light produced by all those screens! The Crizal treatment simplifies life even further by protecting against scratches, glare and smudges.

Frames for every taste
Once the exam is finished and the lenses are selected, all that's left is the frame! Granger & Bernier Optométristes offers a huge selection including the latest trend: lots of colour and a mix of textures such as metal and plastic.

"We are at a time where there is so much availability and choice.  The trend, right now, is really focused on a mix of textures - it is very similar to interior decorating," notes Dr Reid, optometrist.

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A worry-free purchase!
If anything happens to his new glasses, Alexandre will be able to return to the clinic to repair everything. That's the advantage of going to a clinic! For example, if his eyes don't properly adjust to his lenses, Alexandre can return to the clinic, within a specific time frame, to see his specialist. Guarantees also exist for the frames to ensure that any problems can be resolved.

"The advantage of visiting an optical office is the service that covers the entire purchase. The patient is able to benefit from an excellent after-sale service," explains Dr Reid, optometrist.

What about you? When was your last eye exam? If it has been more than two years, don't delay - book an appointment like Alexandre did! Especially if you've got a connected lifestyle like his!

We would like to thank the Granger & Bernier Optométristes clinic and its team.
Clinique Granger & Bernier Optométristes
Les cours Singer
383, boulevard du Séminaire Nord, suite 215
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec) J3B 8C5

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