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Nov 02 2016 | Essilor

Ève, a young 24-year-old mother, took her son Éli for his first eye exam at the Granger & Bernier Optométristes Clinic in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Éli is three-years-old and loves to do puzzles. It's an activity that gives his eyes and his attention span a good workout!

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The first visit
When the duo arrived at the clinic, they immediately felt at ease thanks to a warm welcome from the staff. Just like in certain clinics, there was even a playroom available for children. The little ones can enjoy themselves while their parents are getting their own eye exam and selecting frames and lenses. Dr Amélie Ganivet, optometrist who regularly performs visual exams adapted to babies and young children, saw Ève and Éli.

An exam for every stage
Each eye exam is adapted specifically to the age of the child. A six-month-old baby will not undergo the same tests as a child that is able to interact and speak.

"Éli was so comfortable with the optometrist - I didn't even have to intervene. He really enjoyed the exam which was performed just like a game that was perfectly adapted to his age!" explains Ève.  

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6 months: The first eye exam
Ève didn't know that eye exams were tailored to three-year-old children nor did she know that the first exam could be performed at six months!

"The main reasons that parents consult is due to a possible strabismus: the baby is cross-eyed or the parents have the impression the baby is cross-eyed." explains Dr Amélie Ganivet, optometrist.

There are other signs that your child might need to have an eye exam.  You can read all about them in our article: Does your child need glasses?

The next eye exam is performed when the child is three-years-old and then every following year. It is very important for children to visit an eye care professional just before starting school: 25% of children have visual challenges that can hinder their learning process. At this time, only 33% of children see an optometrist before they begin school.

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Did you know?
It is important to remember that eye exams for minors are covered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec. There is absolutely no reason to wait for an appointment!

And, how was Éli's exam? His eyes are in perfect health! He and his mother still selected a pair of sunglasses for him.  Don't forget that the sun emits harmful blue light as well as UV rays - it is important to protect the eyes of both children and adults.

Personalized lenses and frames!
Ève decided to take the time to have an eye exam for herself as well. She selected Eyezen+ with a Crizal treatment that are specifically adapted to her professional activities. She also chose a beautiful, classic frame that perfectly suits the shape of her face.

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Thanks to the exams and the excellent advice from their optometrist, Éli and Ève are fully equipped for their activities: Éli is well protected when he plays outside and Ève can work in front of a computer screen without having headaches or itchy eyes!

If you want to be like Ève and Éli, think about doing the same thing: book an appointment now!

We would like to thank the Granger & Bernier Optométristes clinic and its team.
Clinique Granger & Bernier Optométristes
Les cours Singer
383, boulevard du Séminaire Nord, suite 215
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec) J3B 8C5

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