Protect your eyes, protect your lenses!

Jun 20 2016 | Essilor

Protect your eyes, protect your lenses!

Discovering, observing, moving, learning and admiring ... these daily activities can only be enjoyed with healthy eyes and proper vision. This means putting proper prevention and protection into place. Luckily, there are new optical technologies that adapt beautifully to our lifestyles. With the right options you can live life to the fullest without any compromises!

1 — Protect your back when out in the sun!

The sun can be as damaging for skin as it is for the eyes. Harmful UV rays can cause cataracts. These can obscure vision, making it blurry, cloudy and unclear. 

But did you know that even with 100 % UVA/UVB protection, your eyes can still be affected? In fact, 50% of UV rays are reflected into the eye by the backside of the lens, if this area of the eye has not been properly protected.  In order to protect your eyes ask for two-sided protection.  

2 — Shining the light on blue light

The greatest source of blue light is the sun.  Its intensity is 500 times greater than sources found indoors. However, tablets, screens and smart phones have changed our lives. The daily use of all of these digital devices has modified how our eyes are used. Long-time exposure to the reflections from screen, as well as variable reading distances, can cause major eye fatigue.

This exposure to blue light is increasingly recognized as a potential cause of AMD (macular degeneration), a chronic multifactorial progressive disease that affects more and more people. It affects the central zone of the retina, causing progressive loss of central vision. It is therefore essential to react and make preventative choices.

Ocular solutions specialists have adapted to these new realities in order to offer revolutionary, technologically advanced solutions.

3 — You can see clearly now...

In the heat of the action, many factors can affect your vision. Scratches, glare, dirt, dust and water can frequently and unnecessarily tire the eyes. These problems can now be banished with advanced technology solutions. The benefit is twofold: you will see perfectly and your eyes can finally relax.

A personalized solution for everyone

Treatment or lenses, there are lots of options on the market. To ensure that you've got the very best solutions, make sure to schedule a regular eye exam and remember to talk with your eyecare professional about your tastes and life style habits.

Their recommendations will differ depending upon whether you enjoy fishing or mountain climbing; whether you work as a librarian, blogger or stylist. Your well-informed eyecare professional will provide lens and treatment options that are tailored specifically to your life style.

Protect with style

Protect your eyes in style: polarized, gradient and oversized lenses - these technologies are now available in the trendiest colour and styles. What could be better? 

Enjoy your life! Enjoy your vision! 

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