Strengthen your eyes with ocular gymnastics!

Apr 26 2017 | Essilor

We have all experienced ocular fatigue. Red, irritated, dry, stinging eyes can sometimes be accompanied by a headache. They often occur after working for hours in front of a computer screen or lengthy periods of time texting on a cellular phone or while fixated on achieving the high score on the latest video game!

There is a simple and effective solution for avoiding discomfort while continuing to enjoy daily activities.

Ocular gymnastics
Also known as eye yoga, ocular gymnastics target the eye muscles by toning and relaxing them. This practice contributes to better visual comfort!

In order for muscles to be fully relaxed it is necessary to perform the exercises regularly. The primary goal is to readapt eyes to focus without tension. But there is no need to worry - these exercises don't take long! You can do them anywhere: at work, at home, on the bus, even while you're out watching a 3D movie!

A few exercises

  • Palming to soothe your eyes

Place your elbows on your desk in order to keep your head and back straight. Heat the palms of your hands by rubbing them together and then placing them upon your eyes without using any pressure. Close your eyes in order that no light can penetrate. The darkness and the heat from your hands will relax your eyes and create a feeling of wellbeing. Depending upon your needs and your level of fatigue, you can stay in this position for between two and five minutes.


  • The infinity symbol to soften your ocular muscles and improve your peripheral vision

Trace the outline of the infinity symbol - a horizontal eight - with your eyes for a 20 second interval. Repeat three times. If you find the exercise challenging, trace the symbol with your finger in the air, beginning at its centre point. Follow the movement with your eyes.

Relaxing lenses that take care of your eyes
There are lenses, such as Eyezen, that can help you relax your eyes and reduce your visual fatigue. Your eyes will feel rested after reading articles on your tablet, answering emails on your computer or even consulting your phone while texting, playing games, engaging in social media or using the GPS. These lenses are available with and without prescription and can also be adapted to those who wear contact lenses and spend long hours in front of their screens!

If visual fatigue and pain persists it might be necessary to perform visual rehabilitation. Talk to your eyecare professional for more details. 

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