The best way to choose your sun glasses!

Jul 06 2017 | Essilor

It's happened to all of us.  Either we found ourselves outside on a sunny day without eye protection or we simply fell in love with a pair of sunnies that we couldn't live without.  Either way, almost everyone has made an impulsive buy on a pair of sunglasses at an accessories boutique. The bargain prices offered by these shops are also the perfect excuse for buying THE trendy frame of the season without having to think about the expense. But did you know that this type of purchase can be causing a risk to the health of your eyes? Bargain sunglasses don't always have lenses with a protective index and their dark tint can actually dilate the pupil, exposing the eye to even more UV rays.

This summer, invest in a pair of sunglasses with high-quality lenses without having to compromise on your dream frame. If you wear prescription glasses, did you know that you could benefit from protection that acts like sunscreen for your eyes? Gone is the eternal dilemma of having to choose between your regular prescription eyewear and your non-prescription sunglasses. You can finally enjoy dinner on the terrace without having to squint! Thanks to Crizal treatments, you can combine correction and protection. With Crizal Sun UV lens technology, your eyes will benefit from the highest E-SPF ™ for sun lenses and optimal UV protection for outdoors. And since accidents happen, Crizal treatments offer optimal protection against scratches, reflections, dirt, dust and water, to keep sunglasses looking fabulous longer.

Talk to your EyeCare Professional who can suggest a correction adapted specifically to your activities. All you have to do is choose the sun lens tint that you like and a chic frame to match! There are so many choices when it comes to making an attractive eyewear statement. A head-turning frame coupled with eye-catching lenses is the ideal accessory to add to your look. Don't forget to contrast the shape of your face with the shape of your frame. Round faces are perfectly suited to angular frames, while frames with softer lines are the perfect complement to more angular faces.  For increased visual comfort, it is recommended to opt for polarizing lenses. They block reflected light reducing the glare it can cause. These lenses reduce eye strain and provide better contrast and color perception.

The Essilor sun collection gives you the option of nearly 70 different shades - from the most classic to the most fashionable. There are trendy colours including seven chic new mirrored colours such as gold, silver, azure as well as warmer tones. To find your ultimate summer style, try out a few looks using our tool on the website or download the Essicolor app from the App Store. You can test the lens shades in a variety of different environments - in town, at the beach or in the mountains - and upload your photo to choose which colour (or colours!!) best suit your style. Then, when you visit your EyeCare Professional, you will have better idea of the products you'll want to try in real life. Let the shopping begin!

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