The perfect sunglasses for every lifestyle!

Jun 17 2019 | Essilor

Dive into summer with just the right sunglasses for all your activities!

See yourself living green... or yellow, or red…

Did you know the colour of your lenses does more than just affect how you look? Different shades have different properties and functions—so before you choose your glasses, give some thought to what you need from them. Dark red and yellow lenses offer high-contrast panoramic views and eliminate blinding glare, which makes them great choices for cycling in the summer and skiing or skating in the winter. Brown-hued lenses reduce the glare caused by sunlight and highlight contrasts between different colours, so they’re ideal for water-sports enthusiasts and people who spend time at the lake. And grey-toned lenses reduce glare but let you see each colour’s intensity and subtle nuances. So no matter what you like to do, there’s the perfect lens colour for you!

Tell me what you do, I'll tell you what to wear.

Every sun lens is rated with a degree of protection that determines its capacity to filter light. There are five categories—from 0 to 4—that define a lens’ degree of light filtration, where category 0 lenses allow the most light through, and category 4 lenses filter the most light. Here’s a quick guide for What to wear, when:

Heading to the beach or planning a quick outing on the boat? Wear category 3 lenses that filter out up to 92% of the sun’s brightness so you can enjoy the sun without being bothered by the glare. Is high-altitude hiking on snow-capped mountains more your style? Try category 4 sunglasses, to filter out 97% of brightness. But you won’t want to wear category 4 lenses once you get back behind the wheel; they aren’t suitable for driving because that high degree of brightness protection could affect your vision and colour-perception on the road.

Remember to add an anti-glare treatment to the back of your lenses to prevent the sun’s rays from reflecting in your eyes from behind. And for an on-trend look, add a mirrored effect to the front!

So, what are you looking to do this weekend?

Looking out for road safety!

Gradient lenses are amazingly practical and have that great, casual-chic look. The name says it all: they’re darker near the top to protect your eyes from UV rays, and lighter towards the bottom so you can always see what's around you. These types of lenses are perfect for when you’re driving and you’re looking back and forth between the road and the dashboard: the darker section of the lens protects your eyes from bright sun when you look out, and the lighter part lets you see clearly inside your vehicle. And if you enjoy spending perfect summer days reading a good book on the deck, you’ll see gradient lenses are exactly what you need!

Polarized lenses are also a great choice for when you’re on the road. They eliminate annoying glare on surfaces like asphalt (which can be very reflective, believe it or not!), water, and snow. What’s more, polarized lenses protect you from both UV rays and blue light, and improve your perception of colour contrast. They really bring “easy on the eyes” to a whole other level, providing a stylish look as well as greater safety for you and everyone on the road!

No matter what type of sunglasses you’re after, the most important thing is to protect your eyes from the sun. And don’t forget your glasses also protect the skin around your eyes; that part of your face can be sensitive to sun damage since the skin is so fine, so make sure you pick sunglasses that not only look great on you, but that will keep you looking great.

Have a great summer!

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