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Reward your eyes

As the world's leading provider of eyeglass lenses, our number one priority at Essilor has always been you, the customer.
At Essilor, whatever your age and your visual requirements, we have the right lens solution for you.

What is the perfect pair

One pair of glasses is not enough to help you see all of life's moments perfectly. This is why we created perfect pair.

The Perfect Pair is the right combination of Essilor® lenses that meet your needs.

From working, driving and reading to sports activities or just walking on a sunny day, let your eyecare professional help you reward yourself with the best quality vision... so you can enjoy every moment life has to offer.

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By consulting your eye care professional regularly, you ensure your good vision and good visual health.

Take care of your eyes – don't wait until your vision is blurry or until you are feeling other symptoms of bad eyesight.

Health and wellness are the keys to a happy life. Reward your eyes with the perfect pair of lenses and enjoy a better vision for every day and every occasion.

How do you know if perfect pair is
perfect for you?

  • Do you find yourself squinting when you are trying to read the paper, or not wanting to read at all because your eyes feel strained?
  • Is reading the menu in a dimly lit restaurant becoming more challenging?
  • Is staring at a computer screen or playing a video game increasingly tiring for your eyes?
  • Are your eyes becoming more sensitive in the sun, or is glare making driving on a bright sunny day more difficult?
  • Is driving at night starting to weigh heavily on your confidence to hit the road when it's dark?
  • Do you have prescription glasses, but wear off-the-shelf sunglasses to drive?
  • Do you feel you need to wear glasses on top on your glasses?

If your answer was 'YES' to any of the questions above, then having the right pair of lenses is vital to seeing all of life's moments, perfectly.

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Our customers testimonials

Eliza Buskins
Eliza Buskins

" I often misplace my glasses, so my kids went out and bought a few pairs from the pharmacy so I would always have readers. But they don’t really work with my prescription so when my eye doctor called to let me know my appointment was coming up I decided I would ask him about the cost for multiple pairs. He happily told me about Perfect Pair, a program that allows him to extend a great rebate to his patients so they can afford to have the best lenses and enjoy every activity with better and clear vision overall. Now I have 2 pairs for reading and outdoors, and my kids are happy."

Rani Baxter
Rani Baxter

" My cousin who has been wearing prescription glasses since she was a kid is my go to for glasses. She has a very high prescription but doesn’t like wearing contacts so she is always looking for great glasses that work with her prescription needs and don’t cost a fortune. I started wearing glasses a few years ago, so when I needed to update them I went to her for advice. She told me that I should go see her eye doctor because he was offering a program called Perfect Pair, which would allow me to get top quality progressive lenses, and at no cost, a second pair of prescription sun lenses. Now I have 2 great pairs of glasses and I have already passed on info about the program to our other friends so everyone can take advantage of this great deal!"

>Daniel De La Haya
Daniel De La Haya

" I don’t ever ask about the brand of lenses my eye doctor prescribes, all I know is that they work and have anti-scratch on them. But while I was in the waiting room for my eye exam, I overheard a lady talking about her new glasses and the difference her new lenses made. Since she was there for her mother’s appointment, I took the time to ask her about her excitement. She told me that when she was here two months ago, the doctor told her about Perfect Pair, which gave her options to have Varilux, Crizal and Xperio high quality lenses and coatings that have made her vision better and have given her the chance to have a 2nd pair of lenses at a reduced price. I told the doctor I wanted the same deal and I now have a great pair of Transitions in the new Iconic Green colour and Varilux with Crizal Prevencia coating, which has made my eyes less tired after a day of working at the computer. Thanks Perfect Pair!"

John Smith
John Smith

" I have bought my family's glasses at the same location for years. The fast turn around and great products help me get everyone the perfect glasses. And with my eyecare professional offering the Perfect Pair promotion, I was able to get a second pair of glasses just for me at little cost."

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