There's a whole new world out there
and it's as clear as it may be, thanks to Crizal coatings.

Crizal offers you a whole range of benefits for your lenses and for your eyes.

Protection for your lenses with...

Scratch Resistance

Why look at life through scratch-covered lenses when the choice is clear: Crizal.

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Glare Reduction

Bright lights can be a strain and a pain. Relax with Crizal no glare coating.

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Smudge Resistance

Crizal invites you to discover what the world looks like without smudges.

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Dust Repellence

Think of it as the opposite of static cling: dust is literally repelled from your lenses. Let Crizal show you how.

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Water Repellence

Crizal: it's like having windshield wipers for your glasses. Discover how it works.

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Fog Repellence

Long-lasting fog free vision is possible now, thanks to Crizal with OPTIFOG.

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Protection of your eyes with...

UV Protection

It's a beautiful day. So let the sun shine in and keep the UV rays out with Crizal Coatings.

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Harmful Blue-Violet Light Protection

Unless you live in a cave, you're being exposed to harmful light everyday. Protect yourself and get back to living, with Crizal Prevencia.

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