UV rays are as harmful to your eyes as they are to your skin and,
unfortunately, our eyes are constantly exposed to them.

The best way to feel safe and protect your eyes is to look for the E-SPFTM (Eye Sun Protection Factor)* rating on your lenses for better protection.

Crizal treatment provides:


Daily UV protection in a clear lens

Complete protection against harmful UV rays


Crizal's trademarked Broad Spectrum TechnologyTM eliminates the UV rays that are reflected into the eye from the back of the lens, without compromising lens transparency. And that means better long-term health for your eyes.

The Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SPFTM)* is a new index developed by Essilor, and endorsed by an independent 3rd party, certifying the global UV protection your lenses are providing to your eyes and the skin around your eyes.
The higher the value the better the level of protection.

Beware: all lenses are not equal in terms of UV protection: Only Crizal lenses offer the best protection on the market.**

To keep your lenses in good condition for the years to come, ask for Crizal coatings.

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* Best UV protection measured with E-SPFTM for Crizal Forte UV and Crizal UV with Optifog, compared to clear lenses without reflection and photochromic lenses with equivalent materials. Excludes direct eye exposure that depends on external factors (wearer's morphology, frame shape, position of wear, etc.).

** E-SPF developed by Essilor, endorsed by Karl Citek, OD, PhD, FAAO, Professor of Optometry, first researcher to have published on the hazard linked to UV back side reflection. E-SPFTM 25 for all Crizal UV lenses except Orma clear (E-SPFTM 10) and polarized Crizal Sun UV (E-SPFTM 50+).